5# Moving towards the mobility of the future

Transports Publics 2018 - The European Mobility Exhibition - 12, 13, 14 June 2018, Paris
A special venue for mobility accelerators
Startups will be at the fore in the 2018 edition of the Exhibition, with a larger space than two years ago – room for some twenty exhibitors. Located at the heart of the event, the Startup Space is where to find out more about tomorrow’s mobility solutions, and get to know the people involved. Other initiatives highlighting startups are planned at the Exhibition, too, including the “Smart Move Challenge” contest to be launched soon; watch this space!

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The Los Angeles network – thinking big
In the twentieth century, Los Angeles was the epitome of the car culture, and even today, it is home to more cars than people. Nevertheless, its ambitious transport network has been able to adjust to the specifics of the area, developing the United States’ second-busiest bus network. The Measure M programme, approved by voters in 2016, provides for the launch of 40 major projects over the next 40 years, all aiming to modernise local transport. With a total estimated cost of $120 billion, it’s the largest infrastructure project in the USA.

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Awards ceremonies: events during the event!
There’s an event for every kind of professional at the Exhibition: the Innovation Awards honour innovative companies in a variety of categories, ranging from ITS to energy via ticketing and design; the European Talent in Mobility Awards provide recognition for individuals with outstanding careers from transport authorities, operators, service companies, manufacturers, and elsewhere; drivers, meanwhile, will be competing for the Golden Bus Awards.