European Talent in Mobility Awards

The Talent in Mobility


Voting platform is open until May 16 (12pm)

The Talent in Mobility Awards honour women and men working to nurture public transport and sustainable mobility across Europe. The awards are an extremely effective way of highlighting European actors who, at various stages of their career, deserve recognition from the profession as a whole.

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How to get involved ▼

> Who can suggest candidates?
Anyone in the public transport and sustainable mobility sector in Europe may fill in an entry form to put forward one or more candidates, in one or more categories.
Different people from the same entity (company, local authority, association, etc.) are free to submit separate entries.

> Who can I enter as candidate?
Anyone working in mobility in any European country can be a candidate, whether they are part of an industrial company, operator, transport organising authority, local authority, service company, non-profit association, ministry or government department, etc.
You can enter somebody as a candidate from within your own organisation or from another body.

> How to fill in the entry form?
Entry form must be filled in here by Friday April 6, 2018 at the latest.
To put forward a candidate, simply fill in a short 15-line presentation (supported by facts, achievements, figures, etc.) explaining the reasons with respect to the selection criteria for each category.
This presentation may be supplemented by documents (press articles, photos, documents presenting the main achievement or project, CV, etc.) in English or French. These documents must be sent by post to GIE Objectif transport public by April 6, 2018 at the latest (along with the printed form in full).

Deciding on the Awards ▼

The panel is composed of European journalists specialising in the transport sector. They have been chosen for their expertise and familiarity with the industry as a whole. They are independent of the Exhibition organisers.
The panel will make one award per category and reserves the right to move a nominee from one category to another if appropriate.
Internet users will also have the opportunity to vote for an award-winner from the shortlist published online on the Exhibition website.

Rules ▼

  •  The deadline for nominations on the website is April 6, 2018.
  •  Nomination files filled in online may be supplemented by additional documents (in English or French only) which must be posted by April 6, 2018 at the latest, date as postmark.
  •  Each nomination will be registered only after validation of the completed form online. The person submitting the nomination will receive confirmation by e-mail.
  •  The organisers reserve the right to contact the nominees or the person submitting the nomination directly for further information.
  •  In the event of being shortlisted and/or winning an award, nominees will be informed by e-mail or telephone.
  •  The panel reserves the right to change the category in which an individual has been nominated where appropriate.
  •  The judges’ decisions are final.
  • The award ceremony will take place on 14 June 2018 during the European Mobility Exhibition.


The honnours list 2016

The winners of the European Talent in Mobility awards were announced at an official ceremony on June 15 during the Exhibition. Five professionals from three different countries received awards for their skills, commitment and accomplishments in favour of sustainable mobility.

Crédits photo : GIE Objectif transport public, 2016 - Augustin Detienne

The panel, made up of journalists from the European trade press, awarded the prizes in four categories. Internet users also played their part by selecting their own ‘Talent’ – elected on the basis of the number of clicks recorded for each of the nominees :

▼ Best young "Talent"

Romain Taillandier, project manager in charge of technical engineering consultancy for Tram-T transport system Design & Build project, Systra - France.
Romain Taillandier is a young talent with twin passions: tramways and the world at large. This young mechanical engineer and IFMA graduate trained in Germany and the USA. After an initial experience in rolling stock, he joined Systra's Rail division in 2009. He was entrusted with project management for the Paris T7 tram track construction contract.
This successful worksite experience boosted his career, leading to him becoming technical coordinator for the Paris T10 transport system workpackage, for which he coordinated a team of 10 engineers with a range of different technical specialisations.
In 2014 an international dimension emerged, with him coordinating infrastructure design production for the Olympic tramway in Rio, Brazil. This was an unforgettable technical and human endeavour for him, working in a radically different cultural and contractual environment to what he had been used to in France.
Back in Europe, he became project manager in charge of general engineering consultancy for the design and construction of the Aarhus tramway in Denmark. This revealed all the potential of his technical and managerial talent in the realm of tramways.
Today, he is a promising manager for Systra's Northern Europe Region, using his talents to develop urban transport in this area of the world.

▼ Best project manager

Iryna Ivanyshyn, head of the EBRD Project implementation unit for Lviv Municipal Entreprise "Lvivelecktrotrans" - Ukraine
Ms Iryna Ivanyshyn is the Head of the Project Implementation Unit within the Lviv Municipal Enterprise "Lvivelecktrotrans" (Ukraine) for the management of the project "LVIV PUBLIC TRANSPORT" financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
Taking advantage of her past experience, Ms Ivanyshyn is having a central role in the success of that project since 2012. I can give concrete examples: the project is composed of 6 various components, corresponding to 6 works or equipment contracts for the renovation of the municipal tramway network.
In 2012, 3 years after project start, only one component had been procured, but not started. At the present date, after the arrival of Ms Ivanyshyn in September 2012 and 3,5 years of  intensive project implementation, all 6 components have been procured, three are successfully finishing (loans refinancing; Buying of 5 Used Trams in Germany; Modernization of 19 Traction Substations), two are already finished ( Construction of Traction Substation; Supplying of 7 Trams ), and the last one ( Rehabilitation of the Tram Depot) have been successfully procured and its implementation is expected in 2016.
This achievement is the direct consequence of the implication of Ms Ivanyshyn in the project, her proven ability to federate a team to achieve a precise goal and her persistence of efforts dedicated to the successful implementation of the various contracts, despite all political, financial and technical obstacles.

▼ Best manager

Miguel Ruiz, Managing Director, EMT Malaga – Spain
Ruiz, engineer and graduated in business administration, is the managing director of EMT Málaga and President of Spanish PT Association. After a successful management career in Alstom, he joined EMT in 2002. In this period, he has improved the efficiency of the organization, increasing the number of passengers by 40 %. The important commitment to mobility has been demonstrated. In 2015, two new metro lines started to operate in the city. Previous to that, Ruiz conducted an ambitious Project reorganization of bus lines, and the use of PT has increased notably again. EMT is considered a case of excellence, due to the several innovations introduced, also in the ITS technologies. EMT was the first company using NFC payment, and a large list of innovations, being a reference for other operators. The company obtained prestigious awards, in service quality and approach to customers. Ruiz´s leadership has been key in turning public transport sector in Spain to solve challenges. He was elected as President of the Spanish Association for PT in 2008, and has carried out important projects, for example his contribution and boost given to a Spanish Law for PT finance. Spain has not a law for financing the sector. Ruiz has investigated and promoted this aim. His compromise was so strong that he decided to deeply study it, and it was his doctoral thesis. The results were asked by the government and Ruiz presented it in the National Parliament. Today is a hot topic in the political agenda.

▼ Special career service award

Régis Hennion, director, metros, tramways, engineering, Keolis - France
With 40 years’ experience in urban and suburban bus, tramway, metro and suburban train passenger transport, and a background combining urban planning, transport and business management, Mr Hennion is a key figure in public transport. A graduate of the prestigious Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and a management school, he took charge of the development of the Grenoble network in 1985, successfully installing the world’s first two low-floor tramway lines. In 1995, he joined operations management for the Rennes network, and was involved in the launch of the city’s automated metro. This was a major advance in public transport.
In the early 2000s, he went to Australia to become CEO of Hillside trains, Melbourne, operating six suburban train lines (150 trains in all). Mr Hennion joined the Keolis Group in 2005 as Director for Metros, Tramways and Engineering. On a daily basis, he demonstrates his ability to mobilise and lead a group of experts, making an active contribution to expanding the metro and tramway networks managed by Keolis (20 networks and a further four projects under construction). Building on his experience in Australia, Mr Hennion has played an active role in the development of relations with Australia and winning the contract for the world’s largest tramway network in Melbourne. He also heads up Keolis Conseil et Projets (KCP), the Keolis subsidiary that brings together and capitalises expertise in tramway and metro commissioning.

▼ Internet users’ award

Manel Ferri Tomás, mobility adviser for Diputació de Barcelona - Spain
Manel Ferri has shown an undeniable commitment to promoting sustainable and safe mobility in the centre of the social and political life in Catalonia first and in across Spain later on.
During the last 16 years he has been fostering company mobility plans in union organizations, legislation, in urban mobility plans and in companies and he is a referent in mobility of social organizations. During the 90s Manel Ferri's idea was that sustainable mobility is a citizen's right. In 1993, he cofounded the PTP association organization specializing in safe and sustainable mobility. From 2001 to 2008, as mobility manager of the CCOO trade union, he introduced mobility management strategies in the union.
In 2001 he promoted the first union mobility movement in CCOO, the first of this kind in Spain. In 2003, the city of Barcelona and the mobility covenant of Barcelona integrated by more than 50 associations awarded Manel Ferri for his sustainable mobility guide. Since 2006 he participated in the mobility plans for over 20 industrial areas and in the master mobility plan of the Barcelona region.
In 2005 he was awarded by the environmental department of the Catalan government.
Since 2009 to 2014, as manager of the mobility Trade Union Institute for Work (ISTAS), he extended his ideas to the rest of Spain. Since the beginning, he knew that training and benchmarking were key tools for fostering sustainable mobility. He managed more than 50 training courses in sustainable mobility at work.


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