The Exhibition in a few words

Mobility - a market with a host of different opportunities

Today, mobility is a key driving force in regional development. Projects are springing up in cities throughout Europe. Local authorities and operators are adjusting to new travel needs by providing intermodal solutions. In response to this demand, industry players, OEMs and service providers are constantly coming up with new, environmentally-friendly innovations.
This increasingly globalised market encompasses activities that now go hand in hand with the development of sustainable mobility – telephony, information technology, parking, self-service car hire, and more. The European mobility exhibition offers a whole range of opportunities for meeting partners in an ever-expanding sector.


Find out all about the latest advances and innovations at Transports Publics 2018

Users’ expectations of public transport are increasingly stringent – and diverse. Consequently, the challenge is to respond to demand in a variety of ways: innovating in terms of multimodal solutions and promoting complementary offerings, geared to current lifestyles and the requirements of sustainable development.

The exhibition brings together the latest innovations in equipment, techniques and management, as implemented throughout Europe.

Featured innovations include:

  • ‘Clean’ technologies', with means of transport which are increasingly environmentally-friendly, quieter and less polluting: hybrid systems, electric motors, energy recovery and storage devices, renewable energies, ‘green driving’ trainings and more;
  • Solutions for developing intermodality: mobility centres, real-time passenger information, all-mode travel cards, ticketing over the internet or by mobile phone, optimising changes during journeys, etc. 
  • Active mobility and complementary transport solutions: self-service bikes, car-sharing, car-pooling, boat-buses, and so on.


Active mobility booth

Because cycling is also part of public transport, the Club des villes et territoires cyclables will host a booth dedicated to active mobility. 
More than 500 square meters where elected representatives, equipment manufacturers, service providers, designers, street furniture manufacturers experts, members of NGOs… gather with the same goals: developing cycling as daily mode of transportation, promoting multimodality, active mobility and sustainable urban planning.