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Open payment: the combination of ticketing and payment services for a smart traveler journey – WORLDLINE

Open Payment allows passengers to travel through a transit network by a simple tap of their contactless bank card. All along the passenger’s journey, the system calculates and charges the best rate according to the transport authority rules. Following the successful rollout of a such a solution in London and the widespread use of contactless in Europe, transit authorities and transport operators show great interest. Worldline, the European leader in payment services invites you to discover how this technology works.
Albert GALLOY, Head of Marketing Innovation, Visa Europe France
Adnane SENHAJI, Head of Sales, Public Transport
Patrice TARANTO, Head of Pre-Sales, Payments Acceptance division
Pierre VEILLON, Head of Transport Business Development


The advent of new user experiences - SYSTRA 

SYSTRA is bringing innovative solutions to the fore on a daily basis, centred on the needs of all users, be they passengers, local residents or operators. Come and enjoy immersive experiences in the ‘smart station’ and the ‘Immersive Explorer scenario’.
Cédric GALLAIS, Project leader, SYSTRA
Pierre-Etienne GAUTIER, Innovation Director, SYSTRA


The SPATIOWL smart mobility solution - FUJITSU 

SPATIOWL is Big Data management and analytic platform optimized for intelligent mobility solutions to support transport authorities and operators to enhance their business.
Kakie MICHITO, Fujistu


Mobility and transport security: my seamless travel - THALES  ▼

Etienne CHEVREAU, Head of Marketing, Revenue Collection Systems, Thales
Jean-Yves PLU, Vice-President C4S, Thales


How to implement a €14m tramway - EUROVIA  ▼

A collective undertaking at the 2015 Tramway Workshop resulted in a book entitled Fourteen Million Euros. Based on the creation of the first tramway line in a fictional medium-sized city, benefiting from all the adaptation measures identified by the Workshop, this book demonstrates that it is possible to build a high-quality tramway within the electoral lifetime of a local council, at a cost of €14 million per kilometre.
Gérard CHALDOREILLE, Consultant
François DELAGRANGE, Agency Director, Colas Rail
Yvon PUILL, Managing Director, l'Atelier du Tram
Roland RIES, Chairman, l'Atelier du Tram; Mayor of Strasbourg


Technologies for the maintenance and optimisation of LCC and track availability - VOSSLOH  ▼

Innovative solutions and a partnership to achieve life cycle cost and track quality targets.
Michel CUMINETTI, Service Manager, Vossloh
Nicolas TAVENEAUX, Tramway Networks France Manager, Vossloh
Nils VÖGEDING, Country Manager France, Vossloh


Video alerts for transport - ORANGE and FAIVELEY  ▼

This innovative real-time video protection solution facilitates effective intervention on transport networks. Presentation of the Faiveley Transport / Orange Business Services partnership and the Alerte Video Transport solution.
Sébastien CAPELLE, Director of Transport Marketing, Orange Business Services
Maeva VANNIER, Sales Officer for Urban Transport, Faiveley Transport


Finding the right legal solutions for right-of-way transport in medium-sized cities - COLAS RAIL  ▼

L'Atelier du Tramway, in partnership with the Local Public Enterprises (EPL) in France Federation, has commissioned an in-depth study from law firm Seban et associés to examine the legal environment of tramway projects in France. This study puts forward a critical analysis of the current legal situation, followed by a series of suggested improvements designed to facilitate and accelerate procedures.
Jacques CHIRON, Chairman, Local Public Enterprises in France (EPL)
Yvon PUILL, Managing Director, l'Atelier du Tram
Aloïs RAMEL, Lawyer


Rail trainings - FER DE FRANCE  ▼

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