Experts' Forum

Open to all the participants of the Exhibition.
Implementing Open Payment in Dijon - lessons learned - Worldline ▼
Find out about the various stages involved in the setting up of Open Payment and the initial feedback after rollout.
Laurent VERSCHELDE, Director, Keolis Dijon Mobility
Marie FRAISSE, Director of Operations, Worldline


Mobility on demand - Keolis▼

Digital technology is leading to a profound transformation of mobility, and playing a major role in local dynamics.
Kara LIVINGSTON, Group Marketing Director


Tarabus design - Gerflor  

World leader in bus and coach interior flooring, Gerflor presents its innovating digitally-printed flooring solutions to reflect your company’s corporate identity. The only real limit is your imagination!
François TISSIER, Sales & Marketing Director, Gerflor
Philippe SABOURIN, Sales Manager, Gerflor
Olivier COR, Market Manager, Gerflor


Design and Supervision of transport plans: challenges and perspectives for occasional routes - Keolis  
How increasingly demanding expectations on the part of passengers and technical progress are bringing about change in management units.
Sébastien DUPONT, Road Mobility Manager, Kisio
Michel MARCHAND, Regional Directeur of Northeastern Ile-de-France, Kisio
David O'NEIL,  Analysis Director, Kisio
Yann PAULMILLER, Director of Transilien road offering, Transilien
Tickets on smartphones: the missing link in MaaS projects - Wizway  ▼
How can the 360° mobility solutions passengers expect be made available simply on smartphones?
Louis BROSSE, CEO, Wizway Solutions
Francine Velthuizen, Marketing and Commercial Director, Transpole


“Keolis Signature Service” - Keolis 
This is the name given to our bespoke service for each territory, based on co-construction principles and implemented on networks all over the world.
Kara LIVINGSTON, Group Marketing Director


M2I project - Transdev  ▼

M2I is a project bringing together ten partners alongside Ile-de-France Mobilités and Transdev to establish top-level services using predictive, multi-modal GPS, a digital mobility observatory, and predictive network management.
Jean COLDEFY, Policy Officer in charge of Digital Mobility, Transdev
Olivier VACHERET, Head of Department, Passenger Information, Île-de-France Mobilités


FAIRTIQ - public transport made easy - FAIRTIQ 
Ticket distribution is becoming a growing challenge for public transport companies. Transports publics fribourgeois have turned this into an opportunity and, together with FAIRTIQ, have implemented the distribution channel of the future.
Gian-Mattia SCHUCAN, Founder & CEO, FAIRTIQ Ltd.
Vincent DUCROT, Managing Director, Public transports of Fribourg


Data – a new resource for mobility stakeholders - Keolis 
How do data help us improve passenger experience and predict journeys? How can this data be used to develop grassroots urban services across an entire territory?
Bertrand BILLOUD,  Communication Vice-Président, Kision Digital
Arnaud JULIEN, Innovation Director, Keolis


Move Green – Choose INIT  ▼

INIT presents the latest developments in its innovative ITS solutions to enhance smart mobility: electric mobility, autonomous buses, centralised ticketing and MaaS.
Fabrice TROLLIER, Commercial Director, INIT France


How to make the right purchasing decisions for powertrains that comply with France’s Energy Transition Act - SAFRA  ▼
What strategies will mobility authorities have to adopt in view of the new requirements under France’s Energy Transition Act? Amid a plethora of vehicle categories and everything from all-electric, slow-charging systems and pantographs to biogas and hydrogen-powered solutions, and all the considerations relating to existing fleets and strategies, making the right vehicle purchasing decision can be complex.
Vincent Lemaire, President of SAFRA, will be sharing insights on the pros and cons of each type of powertrain available on the market.
Vincent LEMAIRE, President, SAFRA
La French Tech Cleantech Mobility Network - La French Tech ▼
Lethicia RANCUREL, TUBA Director, National Secretary of the Cleantech Mobility Network – La French Tech
Innovative mobility startups – reasons for joining the Paris&Co Rolling Lab incubator - Paris&Co ▼
Marie-Xavière WAUQUIEZ, Responsable du Rolling Lab, Paris&Co
Rolling Lab Manager
Titles to come - Smart Move Challenge winners ▼
The identity of the winners will be revealed at the Smart Move Challenge Awards Ceremony, starting at 11am at Espace Europe venue, on Wednesday June 13. 
M2I (Integrated Mobility in Ile-de-France) and IVA (Augmented Passenger Information) - Ile-de-France Mobilités ▼
Ile-de-France Mobilités has made passenger information a priority, taking part in two collaborative R&D projects to help the region’s inhabitants optimise their daily travel: M2I for surface transport (buses, cars, etc.) and augmented passenger information (information voyageur augmentée, IVA) for rail and metro. Both these projects will be developing high-added-value digital services featuring unprecedented new data and processing methods.
Stéphane BEAUDET, Regional Vice-President, Ile-de-France Mobilités
Richard DUJARDIN, CEO France, Transdev
Michel MORVAN, President, Système X Institute for Technological Research
Olivier VACHERET, Head of Department, Passenger Information, Île-de-France Mobilités
Jean COLDEFY, Policy Officer in charge of Digital Mobility, Transdev
Yann BRIAND, IVA Projet Manager, IRT SystemX
Sabine TRÉFOND ALEXANDRE, Innovation and Research Project Manager, SNCF