Golden Bus Award

The competition

Organised by UTP since 1988, the competition brings together bus drivers from urban public transport networks belonging to UTP across France, along with a number of representatives from other networks in Europe. The aim is to promote and enhance the profession of bus driver – an iconic figure in the world of public transport.

Drivers’ technical driving skills will be assessed (handling, reverse slalom and precision stopping) on a special track; their impact on the environment will be tested by measuring fuel and CO2 emissions; and the quality of their service relations (in terms of welcome and driving comfort) will be evaluated in real-life conditions.
A score of judges/referees and mystery passengers will be evaluating some fifty candidates.



The 2018 edition

The application deadline is April 29, 2018. You can download the application form on UTP's website.

The award ceremony

The traditional “Golden Bus” contest will be held June 13-15, 2016, during the European Mobility Exhibition.
Joining UTP in the organising committee are representatives of Agir, CarPostal France, Keolis, the RATP Group, Transdev, AFTRAL and FNAUT.

The winners were announced at the award ceremony, on June 15, in Paris :

  • Stéphane Halbert, Keolis Angers : 1st
  • Romain Sarzier, Transdev Valence : 2nd
  • Bruno Herbin, TPAS Saint-Etienne : 3rd