Made-to-measure mobility, innovation theme 2016

‘Made-to-measure mobility’ is the theme of the 2016 edition of the Exhibition – and a key driver in the development of sustainable mobility and modal transfer from the individual use of private vehicles to mass transit.

Manufacturers, OEMs and service providers are innovating in an environmentally-friendly manner on a daily basis to address new travel needs, putting forward inter-modal solutions spanning the entire mobility chain and personalising journeys made on public transport. Made-to-measure mobility covers fields such as:

  • passenger fares and categories,
  • buying travel tickets from home,
  • personalised passenger information,
  • apps,
  • interactive maps,
  • demand responsive transport and accessibility,
  • services relating to public transport (internet access during travel, catering, leisure activities, deliveries, etc.),
  • car-pooling,
  • car-sharing,
  • bike-sharing schemes,
  • bike parks,
  • parking solutions,
  • etc.

The Exhibition highlights exhibitors’ innovations:

  • on its ‘Made-to-measure Mobility’ track, taking in all enterprises featuring innovative solutions relating to this topic,

Check out our online documentation for a sneak peek at the innovations that will be on show at the Exhibition.