Technical visits

A technical visit is organised by RATP during the European Mobility Exhibition.

Tour will be held in English. Registration is only available for Congressists, once they have received their badge (subject to availability).


New Lagny Bus Centre (Paris)
Tuesday, June 14     
3.30pm to 5.00pm
  After more than 4 years of works, the renovated Lagny Bus Centre came into service at the end of November 2015. This is the 1st new generation bus centre integrated into a vast construction project. The special feature of the building lies in its partially underground construction which made it possible to increase its capacity from 112 buses to 184 buses. The operation also includes 30,000 m² of office space, and an extension to a college and a nursery, making this a multifunctional site. This modernisation was carried out with the aim of accommodating the new electric buses (“Bus 2025” Project).
  Adress : 67 rue de Lagny, 75020 Paris
  Access : metro    Porte de Vincennes station


Tours are also available in French on the same days but at different time.