European sessions

All participants have access to the European sessions at the 'Espace Europe' venue. Sessions are translated into English and French.

11.30am –


Urban mobility as part of a broader agenda: from COP21 to Habitat III - Codatu ▼

After COP21, the next global summit, Habitat III, will be devoted to cities. This conference is to determine a “new urban agenda” at the international level. After the Paris agreement at the end of the COP21 conference, the next challenge is to implement ‘sustainable cities’. This session looks at the key issues with regard to urban mobility.
Christian CURÉ, CEREMA
Sonia LAVADINHO, Founder and CEO, Bfluid
Jerôme POURBAIX,  Head of Policy & Outreach, UITP
Gabriel PLASSAT, la Fabrique des Mobilités Manager, ADEME
Karen VANCLUYSEN, Secretary General, Polis
Moderator: Julien ALLAIRE, Executive Manager, Codatu



Medellín: sustainable mobility for social inclusion - With the presence of Federico Gutiérrez, Mayor of Medellín ▼

Medellin, Colombia’s second city, is today recognized worldwide for its advancement in urban mobility. The city has taken advantage of the global developments in transport and has been able to adjust them to its context and the geography of its territory, to generate greater accessibility, social inclusion, and urban safety. As a result, Medellin’s transport system has become entrance to territories where there was no government presence and has made citizens participants.
Federico GUTIÉRREZ, Mayor of Medellin
Jorge TOBÓN, Social and Customer Service Manager, Metro de Medellin


Export: focus on rail and urban transport markets in Algeria, United Kingdom and Scandinavia - Business France 

Discover business opportunities in three promising markets, with great rail and urban transport projects.
François FAUL, Industrial Export Adviser, Business France London
Vincent JOLY, Industrial & Cleantech Adviser, Business France Helsinki
Kamel SILHADI, Head of Industry & Cleantech Unit, Business France Algiers



Europe: the changing landscape of regional public transport - Polis

Throughout Europe, regional public transport authorities have changed their approach and are delivering improved and better structured systems that answer to the needs of travelers and bring more value for (public) money. The session provides the best practices of European regions who have successfully reshaped the public transport offer. 
Ivo CRE, Deputy director, Polis
Martin GUIT, Urban planner, City of Rotterdam
Roman KLEMENTSCHITZ, Senior scientist, BOKU
Erik SEMPELS, Head of Mobility unit, Flandres region


HealthY MobilitY: accounting for the benefits of Public Transport on Health - UITP 

The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) will present its position on the relationship between public transport and health.
Healthy Mobility, a campaign of Y4PT (UITP’s Foundation) is a worldwide operation which encourages people to use healthier modes of transport, and leads to positive results, statistics and engagements.
Caroline FABIANSKI, Organising Authorities Manager, UITP
Nabeel FARAZ, Representative in India, Y4PT
Alessandra GORINI, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Y4PT


Developing new mobility system: challenges and opportunities for public transportation in the U.S. - APTA

The landscape for public transportation is shifting dramatically in the U.S.  Population growth, urbanization, demographic shifts, the rise of many technology-driven start-ups, are providing both great opportunities and challenges for public transportation.  Hear from a leader of the American Public Transportation Association on how public transportation is leading the way to new mobility systems in the U.S. through new service delivery methods and creative partnerships.
Doran BARNES, Vice-President, APTA



Mobility news from around Europe

Innovations in Swiss public transport - VÖV UTP
Towards sustainable mobility in follow up to the Paris Climate conference (COP21) in the Netherlands KNV
Public transport in Italy: development and challenges - Asstra
Regional Rail Transport in Germany: organization and financing - BAG SPNV
Growing customer numbers by improving service quality - EPTO 

VÖV UTP (10 - 10.30am)
Innovations in Swiss public transport

There are a number of factors underpinning the success of Swiss public transport. With constantly rising user numbers, Swiss public transport is facing huge challenges. The ‘SwissPass’, common to all transport companies, is one of the ways public transport is drawing on innovation to address these.
Ueli Stückelberger, Director, VÖV UTP

KNV (10.30am - 11am)
Towards sustainable mobility in follow up to the Paris Climate conference (COP21) in the Netherlands

Customers must find it easy to combine all transport modes and choose the option with the lowest CO2 emissions. Transport operators must be encouraged to invest in zero-emission vehicles. A presentation on recent developments in the Netherlands.
Ad Toet, Director, KNV

Asstra (11am - 11.30am)
Public transport in Italy: development and challenges

The latest developments in local public transport in Italy regarding investment, competition and market structure. A number of new features are on the way, with impacts on market regulations, the proprietary structure of enterprises, and the acquisition and ownership of rolling stock.
Gualtieri GIUSEPPINA, CEO, Tper  S.p.A.
Alessia NICOTERA, Director, ASSTRA
Emanuele PROIA, Director, ASSTRA

BAG SPNV  (11.30am - 12am)
Regional Rail Transport in Germany: organization and financing

Since the 1994 reform of German rail, the notion of Customer-Operator relations has become the legal basis for rail authorities as well as for rail operators. As a consequence, the competent regional and local authorities have been assigned the task of organizing regional rail transport services.
Oliver MIETZSCH, General Manager, Greater Leipzig Area Regional Rail Authority

EPTO (12am - 12.30pm)
Growing customer numbers by improving service quality

Keith BASTOW, EPTO Representative


Modal interchange for bikes and public transport: time to walk the talk. Comparing France and the Netherlands - le Club des villes et territoires cyclables

The various alternatives and issues relating to modal interchange for bikes and public transport are well documented in France, but in practice it is rare for these two modes to be combined in France on a daily basis due to a lack of bike parking facilities at interchanges, cycle routes, and service offerings; and more generally, simply a lack of awareness of this particular solution. France could draw inspiration from OV-fiets, the high-performance Dutch system, looking at its success factors and how application of this winning combination could be expanded. 
Jet BOOMGAARDT, Formule Manager Fiets, Nederlandse Spoorwegen Stations (NS Stations)


Information technology for public transport: driving ITS standardization in Europe - ITxPT

HOW and WHEN moving from proprietary IT solutions into modular open IT architecture? Public Transport stakeholders gathered in the ITxPT association to organize the concrete deployment of existing standards for plug & play IT-systems, not only on next-generation vehicles but also on existing fleets.
Emmanuel DE VERDALLE, ITxPT Exploitation Manager
ITxPT members:
Jean-François BLANC, Alstom
Rémy COUANON, Keolis
Philippe GABORIT, Inéo
Philippe GRAND, Iveco