Our environmental policy

An environmentally responsible event

Transports Publics, the European Mobility Exhibition, aims to be a responsible event, and more particularly environmentally responsible.


Examples of this policy include:

  • Transport: encouraging the use of mass transit, green mode transport, and local providers to keep transport mileage to a minimum
  • Raw materials: decreasing the amount of printed paper; using environmentally-friendly ink and paper, recycled, recyclable, re-usable or organic materials (stands, goodie bags, carpeting, etc.), wood, local and seasonal catering products, and generally ensuring just the right quantities of materials are consumed

  • Energy: more intelligent use of electricity and heating

  • Waste management: cutting down on packaging; selective waste sorting; recovering and recycling materials such as cardboard, wood, plastic, panels and so on.


The technical guide issued to exhibitors features “green ideas” to help them apply the principles of responsible organisation in a way that is both simple and economically acceptable.