Our environmental policy

An environmentally responsible event

As organiser of the European Mobility Exhibition, GIE Objectif transport public is a firm believer in the importance of a sustainable development policy for events management. With this in mind, it has established a procedure aimed at minimising the environmental and social impact of the events it organises: the use of raw materials, energy and waste management.

GIE Objectif transport public has included sustainable development aspects in its specifications for providers, and encourages you to do the same in your role as exhibitors, also including your own providers in this policy.

A few examples :

Raw materials: decreasing the amount of printed paper; using environmentally-friendly ink and paper, recycled, recyclable, re-usable or organic materials (stands, goodie bags, carpeting, etc.), wood, local and seasonal catering products, and generally ensuring just the right quantities of materials are consumed.

Energy: more intelligent use of electricity and heating.

Waste management: cutting down on packaging; selective waste sorting; recovering and recycling materials such as cardboard, wood, plastic, panels and so on.


Exhibitos : 3 key points for a sustainable approach


First and foremost, responsible energy management provides economic benefits. For instance, lighting, particularly stand lighting rigs, use huge amounts of energy. Your display can be made to stand out without using so much electricity. Ask your stand installer to optimise lighting, compare technologies and find less power-hungry solutions.


The organisers will be using sorted waste management before, during and after the event. It is important that your providers (stand installers, decorators, etc.) observe the waste sorting instructions provided. Skips will be put in place near the exhibition hall; a waste sorting scheme will be used for these.


Travel by participants accounts for 75% of the carbon impact of exhibitions. When you come to Paris, travel by air rather than by train whenever possible. On site, use public transport. Paris-Expo/Porte de Versailles is easily accessible using the metro, buses, tramway and self-service bikes.