Rail Day

The 2018 Rail Day will be dedicated to the deregulation of the EU’s public rail services. It will occur by December 2023 at the latest. The workshops will analyse the consequences of this deregulation in terms of services, governance, safety and business model. 

This event is organised by the French Transportation Authorities Union (GART) and the Public and Rail Transport Association (UTP).


Deregulating French regional rail services ▼

The Fourth Rail Package involves deregulating the EU’s public rail services by December 2023 at the latest. This deregulation must benefit passengers, Regions, and the rail sector overall, whilst also providing a high degree of security.
What are the French government’s proposals in this respect in the wake of Jean-Cyril Spinetta’s report? Do they address the sector’s expectations and recommendations? How can this fundamental change be achieved in such a way as to preserve the future of rail transport?


Deregulation of French rail services: best practice across Europe ▼

Rail models in other EU countries cannot be applied fully to France, either for public rail services or for commercial services. Nevertheless, experience from other countries can be beneficial as France prepares for rail service deregulation. What has been the experience in other EU nations? What lessons can France learn from it? How can this experience be used to help deregulation be achieved in such a way as to preserve the future of the railway system?


Lunch (Opéra restaurant)


Can rail freight be competitive? ▼

In view of the ongoing barriers to the development of rail freight, the emergence of a growing number of innovative solutions has highlighted a shared desire on the part of rail companies, shippers, and infrastructure managers to revitalise the business. Its high potential should enable it to reconquer market share. How can rail freight be encouraged to open up to this type of innovation in France, and to structural modal interchange? How can these challenges be taken up whilst retaining links with neighbouring networks and EU projects?


Governance and funding for a changing rail system ▼

Amidst dwindling public funds and the imminent deregulation of passenger rail transport, it is vital for France to rethink its rail system architecture and improve its funding model. These issues must be dealt with in depth to ensure the country’s rail system is revitalised.
How can governance of the sector be improved in a competitive environment? What proposals could optimise the economic performance of the rail system?

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