Rules Smart Move Challenge

Article 1 : Overview

- Article 1a : organisers

The “Smart Move Challenge” competition to encourage the development of startups in the field of mobility is organised by:
GIE Objectif transport public, a company registered in the Paris C Trade and Companies Register under number 483 192 340, registered head office 48 avenue du Général Leclerc, 75014 Paris, hereinafter referred to as the “Organisers”.

-Article 1b : présentation

The “Smart Move Challenge” competition is being held between February 19, 2018 and June 13, 2018 as part of the 2018 European Mobility Exhibition.
This international contest invites startups to put forward an idea, a solution, or a product facilitating personal mobility that operates or is used collectively or on a sharing basis.

The competition is open to emerging companies seeking their first market and not yet fully established in their line of business.

They must:

  • have an innovative solution with a proof of concept, a prototype, or a demonstrator version
  • submit a credible development plan.

The panel will choose the winners on the basis of the criteria set out in the rules.

Article 2 : candidates

Entry to the competition is free of charge. This contest is open to minors with parental authorization and to adults living in France, DOM-ROM or in Europe.
The Organisers reserve the right to ask candidates to supply proofs that they meet the conditions to take part in the competition at any time during its progress.
To be eligible, candidates’ projects must meet the conditions detailed in article 3 of the rules.
Only one project per candidate is allowed.

Article 3 : project eligibility

Candidates must submit a project to the Organisers, in one of the following three categories:

  • Resources and services for passengers (e.g. network information, traffic updates, passenger services, etc.)
  • Resources for local authorities (e.g. data management, statistical studies, etc.)
  • Resources and services for operations (e.g. Passenger Information Systems, ticketing, security, fleet management, etc.)

Article 4 : entries

Entries must be made via the online form on the website, before midnight on April 6, 2018.
Startups may submit only one entry each.
Submissions that are not complete by the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Submissions must comprise:

  • a presentation of the startup
  • a concept presentation of a product or solution for one of the categories in the competition
  • a business model and roadmap.

plus any additional documents presenting the company and/or the candidate’s project (model, pictures, technical drawings, video, etc.).

Article 5 : selection process

  • Shortlisting on the basis of submissions.
    The entry form will be placed online on February 19. After entries close on April 6, if required by the number of submissions, entries will be examined by a shortlisting committee. It will select the best entries in each category from among all the submissions (see article 6). This committee will nominate nine finalists, three for each category.
    The Organisers reserve the right to reduce the number of finalists if the shortlisting committee deems that too few of the projects submitted are of a high enough standard.
  • Selection of the category winners will be on the basis of a pitch (oral presentation) lasting no more than 4 minutes, given on June 13, 2018 during the European Mobility Exhibition in front of a panel of professionals.
    Following these presentations, the panel will meet to select the three category award-winners (one per category).
  • “Grand Prize” award: the panel present at the Exhibition will vote to designate one of the category winners as the “Grand Prize” winner.
  • “People’s choice” award: the public will choose a fifth winner from among the nine finalists in the competition.

The nine finalists will be presented ahead of time on the Exhibition website.
All five awards will be announced at the same time at the end of the panel discussion.


Article 6 : panel composition and role

The composition of the panel will be at the discretion of the Organisers.

The panel will be tasked with selecting the winners of the contest in line with the selection criteria defined in article 7.

The decisions of the shortlisting committee and the panel are final and may not be contested.

Article 7 : selection criteria

The selection criteria for finalists and winners include (but are not limited to):

  • the innovative nature of the product or service
  • the ability of the startup to experiment
  • the relevance of the product or service
  • the number of passengers potentially concerned/the impact of the innovation
  • the potential for widespread use/industrialisation
  • the long-term viability of the structure

Article 8 : prizes

The prizes listed below will be awarded solely to the winners. No other applicants will receive prizes.

— Article 8.1 : the three category award-winners

For the winner in each category:

  • An Expert’s Forum slot, provided free of charge on the third day of the Exhibition.
  • Appointments with the directors of innovation of major companies.
  • Assistance from Paris&Co. Assistance duration and content will vary depending on the startup’s degree of familiarity with the market: three months off-site for French startups; one-month incubator programme as part of Paris Landing Pack_Explore for familiarisation with the French market for foreign startups, October 1-31, 2018.
  • Facilitated access to French Tech programmes.

— Article 8.2 : the “Grand Prize”

This prize will be awarded to one of the three category award-winners. The prizes for the “Grand Prize” winner are in addition to those for the winner in each category.

  • A stand at the next edition of the exhibition (French national public transport conference or European Mobility Exhibition).
  • Financial aid totalling €10,000, paid by GIE Objectif transport public directly to the winning startup.

— Article 8.3 : “People’s Choice” award

The winner will be selected from among the nine finalists by the public:

  • An Expert’s Forum slot, provided free of charge on the third day of the Exhibition.
  • Appointments with the directors of innovation of major companies.

Article 9 : Rules

— Article 9.1 : registration and consultation of the rules

The rules have been registered with SELARL ACTA - PIERSON et ASSOCIES, bailiffs, 15 rue de Sarre BP 15126 57074 METZ Cedex 3.

The rules will be available at throughout the duration of the competition.

Participation in the competition entails the full acceptance of these rules, without reservation or restriction.

— Article 9.2 : changes to the rules

In no event may the Organisers be held liable in the event of postponement, interruption, adjournment, extension, cancellation, or alteration of the competition for reasons beyond their control or force majeure circumstances, or in the event of a prize being replaced by another prize of similar type and value.

— Article 9.3 : protection

All the constituent elements of the competition (including these rules) are protected by the French Intellectual Property Code (Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle). The reproduction, display, or use of all or part of the constituent elements of this competition (website, images, text, videos, logos, and all other distinctive features) is therefore strictly prohibited.

All such elements are the sole property of the Organisers.

Article 10 : personal data

Details of the candidates and the members of their teams (the “participants”) will be recorded and used by the Organisers as required for their participation in the competition and the handing over of prizes.

By participating, participants grant permission to the Organisers to display, reproduce, circulate, and use their details, image, and all constituent elements presenting the project, in part or in full, directly or indirectly, through the intermediary of the Organisers or any third party authorised by the Organisers, for a period of two years from the date on which their entry is submitted, worldwide, in the written press, on radio, television, electronically, on any type of media and in any format, and more generally using any existing or future technical mode or procedure, for any broadcast environment, specifically including media resources pertaining to the competition organisation, information, and promotion.

Confidential information as defined in article 11 is specifically excluded from this permission.

Pursuant to the French “Data Protection” Act of January 6, 1978 and its amendment of August 6, 2004, participants have the right to access, alter, rectify and/or delete, or refuse the processing of their own personal data.

Article 11 : confidentiality

The shortlisting committee undertakes to keep projects submitted by candidates strictly confidential.

All information gathered for the purposes of this competition identified by the candidates in writing as confidential shall be deemed to be so.

Article 12 : intellectual property

Candidates undertake to take all appropriate measures regarding the protection of the intellectual property rights covering their project before, during, and after the competition.

Article 13 : applicable law and assignment of jurisdiction

These rules shall be subject to French law.

A legitimate attempt must be made to settle any dispute arising from the application or interpretation of these rules, or during the competition, by amicable agreement. Any dispute that cannot be so resolved shall be brought before the Paris courts.

To be admissible, any claim concerning the rules or the competition must be brought within one month of the end of the competition.

Article 14 : languages

Entries to the competition may be in English or French. The final pitch on June 13, 2018 must be made in one of these two languages.