The Smart Move Challenge

Do you have an idea, solution, or product facilitating personal mobility that operates or is used collectively or on a sharing basis?
If so, we’re interested in you!

This international competition invites startups to put forward an idea, solution, or product facilitating personal mobility that operates or is used collectively or on a sharing basis.

The contest is open to emerging companies seeking their first market and not yet fully established in their line of business.

You have until midnight on April 18, 2018 to submit a project corresponding to one of the three categories listed below.

3 broad categories

Resources and services for passengers

(e.g. network information, traffic updates, passenger services, etc.)

Resources and services for local authorities

(e.g. data management, statistical studies, etc.)

Resources and services for operations

(e.g. Passenger Information Systems, ticketing, security, fleet management, etc.)



  • 3 “Category Awards” (one per category) including 1 “Grand Prize
  • 1 “People’s choice” award

To find out more about how to take part and the various phases in the contest, click “Register”.



A €10,000 prize will be awarded to the winner of the “Grand Prize”, together with a stand at the next exhibition organised by GIE objectif transport public.


Depending on their needs and maturity, the three Award winners will have the opportunity to join a Paris&Co accelerator programme: a three-month off-site programme for French startups, or a one-month incubator programme for foreign startups, as part of Paris Landing Pack_Explore.

The three Award winners will also enjoy facilitated access to French Tech programmes.


All winning startups will have an opportunity to meet innovation directors from multinationals working in the sector.


All winning startups will also have the opportunity to give an Experts’ Forum presentation to detail their project on the last day of the Exhibition.


All participants

Winners and all contestants will be able to join the Fabrique des mobilités.
This grants access to a network of contacts and organisations in the key areas of mobility, together with all the major stakeholders.

They will also be able to present their project on the wiki, join the nearest community to their project, and receive assistance as their idea goes through prototyping and testing.