Smart Move Challenge finalists

Find out more about the nine finalists in the first edition of the Smart Move Challenge.

You can hear their pitches at 11am on June 13 at the Espace Europe venue, at the heart of the European Mobility Exhibition.

You can also vote for your favourite candidate in the “People’s Choice” category.



Resources and services for passengers

BIKERR – First marketplace offering access to all types of bikes for sharing

Bikerr is the first marketplace offering access to all types of bikes for sharing – with insurance. The startup was founded in Strasbourg in 2016. The company does not have its own proprietary fleet of bikes. Instead, Bikerr is gradually mobilising the 20 million bikes lying unused in cellars everywhere. The aim is to provide access to bikes anywhere in France, both in town and in the country.
We are aiming for Bikerr to be an effective last-mile solution allowing tourists and local residents to travel freely as they wish. We launched a test site in autumn 2016 and attracted over one thousand subscribers.
This initial version enabled us to refine our business model.

Now, our goal is to develop the platform towards a freemium model, leveraging the network effect and facilitating access to bikes.
Bikerr’s ambition is to become the European leader in bike rentals within 5 years, before rolling out our solution in the rest of the world.
With Bikerr, you’ll always have a bike to hand!



SoBus - Europe’s first dedicated booking platform for coaches

SoBus is Europe’s first dedicated booking platform for coaches. The site makes it cheaper and easier for users to book coach tickets in ten European countries – ten more will be covered by the end of 2018, taking the total to 20.
Visitors can find coach tickets for any company, including Flixbus, Ouibus, Isilines, Alsa, Eurolines, and National Express, and buy cheap tickets using an optimised interface.
The site incorporates web-based technology, allowing tickets to be combined for multiple possible journeys. Our vision is to make SoBus Europe’s first intermodal booking platform.



TicTacTrip - Plateform of comparison and bookings for land-based journeys in Europe

Founded in 2016, Tictactrip is a technology startup offering a new Mobility as a Service (MaaS) model. This relates to innovative mobility as practiced by individuals, both locally and across Europe.
We have now developed the first version of our multimodal platform. We have also obtained a graph and mapping like no other in Europe on which to base our route finder.
Our journey planning algorithms thus offer users the very best journeys.
Within the space of a little over a year, Tictactrip has:
  • aggregated 200 transport companies
  • listed 4,600 towns and cities served in 31 European countries
  • become the first comparison coach/train/car-sharing site to include combinations
  • grown from 2 to 1000 visitors/day
  • acquired 15% repeat users
  • provided 125 million connections, of which half cannot be found elsewhere
We aim to become a leader in comparison and bookings for land-based journeys in Europe.
Tictactrip allows any user to travel from city A to city B in Europe at the lowest possible price, using sustainable modes of transport: coaches, trains, and car-pooling.
Our platform achieves modal transfer by allowing all the tickets for a journey combining multiple modes to be booked in a single transaction.


Resources and services for operations


MotionTag - Platform for seamless pay-as-you-go ticketing ▼

MotionTag develops a platform for seamless pay-as-you-go ticketing. Traveling from A-to-B has never been easier, as the user only needs a smartphone in his pocket. No more missing change to buy a ticket or thinking about fare zones. Travel first, get charged automatically the best price afterward. We think the future of transportation lies in easy traveling, achieved by seamlessly combining different transport modes. 

We provide an oyster card-like ticketing system without additional infrastructure: easy to scale, cost-efficient and simple access for the end-user. Through machine learning on smartphone sensor data we passively detect ten different transport types in the background. By integrating APIs and further data sources, we provide a fully software-based ticketing technology that works as a check-in/be-out solution.

Our platform is designed to easily integrate public transportation and other mobility services such as car-sharing solutions. It enables Mobility-as-a-Service in a pay-as-you-go manner, not forcing the user to plan his future mobility demand. Besides increasing the attractiveness of the transport system through state-of-the-art ticketing, our platform generates accurate multimodal data that can be used to improve the existing transport system: optimize timetables and routes, enable flexible pricing schemes, and finally focus the mobility system around the user.



Open Transport - An open mobility platform ▼

Open Transport is an open mobility platform: we are creating a network of all forms of existing transport and logistics services and providing the tools for any business to easily add on-demand multimodal transport to their app. 
Our goal is to provide users with the freedom to access all modes of transportation and to allow transport operators of any size to easily join the on-demand economy. Open Transport connects all mobility supply available through an API that tracks a vehicle’s position and availability to deliver work to all connected vehicles. Open Transport also creates a level playing field for operators to compete on as we provide the tools needed to monetize services.

Our view is that if all mobility options are open, a new attitude to car ownership geared towards collaborative consumption is fostered, resulting in an increase in transport’s aggregate efficiency while reducing every journey's carbon footprint. Suppliers of any size, with vehicles of any kind, can offer their services through our digital platform.  From businesses looking to integrate smart mobility to their mobile apps to transport operators wanting to offer first and last mile solutions for their customers, Open Transport provides the optimal mobility solution to get from point A to point B.


Urban Labs Technologies - l'assistant JERiCO pour les voyageurs▼

Urban Labs Technologies develops innovative solutions to deliver personalised travel revolutions, making everyday mobility as comfortable and effective as it can be.
Embedded in smartphones, our AI system analyses data in real time, predicting and anticipating the most appropriate travel options.
The solution is appropriate for all mobility stakeholders, with the JERiCO assistant, a mobile app for passengers, Biz JERiCO, a native and web platform, for tourist offices and local shops, and the Transit JERICO web and native platform for transport system managers.
Our aim is to save them all time and money and improve the travel experience:
  • Passengers receive information tailored to their profile, taking into account how appropriate a trip is, accessibility, and passenger volumes to create the best possible route.
  • Retailers benefit from tools providing solutions to raise their profile, rationalise opening hours, and optimise the number of potential customers at any given time.
  • Managers can use the information collected by the assistant and both Open Data and Big Data to report any planning gaps, while AI (machine learning algorithm) allows the number of shuttles to be matched to passenger numbers to optimise network profitability.



Resources and services for local authorities


Bik'Box - Smart bike parking solution of the future

Bik’Box is the smart bike parking solution of the future, based on three pillars delivering maximum simplicity and seamlessness for users and operators alike:
  • A connected bike bin: with room for 5 bikes, the freestanding structure does not require any civil engineering works or electrical connection to be operational. Security is by means of a connected electronic lock. This can be unlocked by a swipe card or a dedicated mobile app. Ultimately, each bin will have charging points for electric bikes.
  • A mobile app: this allows cyclists to locate available spaces, unlock authorised bins, and report any issues with the bin. Any individual can also use the app to request the installation of a new bin in a given location, helping to match the rollout of new bins with demand.
  • An online management platform: local authorities or private companies providing the bins can use this to manage access rights, invoicing, and bin maintenance. The platform also allows data about the use of the bins to be collected and analysed (occupancy rates, turnover rate, etc.), offering fresh insights into cyclists’ behaviour and again helping to match the rollout of bins with demand.



Groupeer Check - Solution de pointage et le comptage des passagers ▼

Groupeer Check is a lightweight ticketing system providing automatic, dynamic metering for transport, mobility, and tourism.
The software-based solution requires no infrastructure deployment and is solely smartphone and tablet-based.
How it works ?
  • An SaaS platform provides data processing and determines profiles and statuses in the cloud.
  • Two mobile apps: a business app to collect data and display information, and “My Groupeer”, a client app for notifications and account management
  • A “G-mini” card

Groupeer Check is perfect for school bus schemes: its dynamic operation enhances child safety, tracking when they get on and off, providing real-time reporting of any anomalies so the issue detected can be quickly addressed, and delivering innovative services for families, transport companies, and authorities.
Groupeer Check also provides transport firms and authorities with complete reporting for school bus networks.
More generally, Groupeer Check is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows passengers to be checked in and metered automatically, without cumbersome infrastructure having to be added to buses and coaches. Groupeer Check has been used by outdoor sports holiday providers UCPA since 2016 for coach transport of all children under 10, and has been made available in France by Transdev (Car@scol) since 2017.


VELCO - Smart bike handlebars

Velco has designed and marketed the first smart bike handlebars, the Wink Bar, to provide smarter, more personalised mobility.
Wink Bar has three main features:
  • User-friendly sat-nav to direct users by means of light signals.
  • Geolocation and alarm system in the event of bike theft.
  • Automatic lights ensure riders remain visible in your environment.

Wink Bar is combined with a service platform, the aim of which is to deliver mobility services for tourism and deliveries by bike, serving local authorities and individuals alike.
Mobility operators and local authorities can make bike use in urban environments more widespread, safer, and more effective:

  • Less theft
  • Road safety education via the mobile app
  • Alerting emergency services in the event of a serious accident
  • Bike-sharing and rental schemes featuring sat-nav enable tourists, workers, and other users to use the bike as they would a moped or car in urban and tourist environments.

The data collected by the Wink Bar (bike traffic, accident black spots, theft-prone areas, street lighting performance to detect faulty lighting) allows each user to help develop and improve the conditions for cycling in town as they ride.
With Velco, Think Mobility, Own The Future.