7# Innovation in the spotlight

Transports Publics 2018 - The European Mobility Exhibition - 12, 13, 14 June 2018, Paris
A new competition raising the profile of emerging firms
Launched in partnership with La French Tech and Paris&Co, the “Smart Move Challenge” offers an extra boost to startups. Applications will be open from February 19 for up-and-coming companies to submit their mobility products and solutions. Prizes include access to support resources and promotion – plus a cash prize of €10,000 for the “Grand Prize” winner.

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Knowhow applied to green transport
Green mobility will also be a special focus at the exhibition: low-emission vehicles, smart batteries, energy recovery systems, solar-powered terminals, current sensors, and fleet management solutions will be on show, along with much else. A “Move Green!” track will be in place to draw attention to these innovations in particular.

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