Smart Move Challenge
The mobility startup contest

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Assessment of applications will take into account their clarity and conciseness.

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Application category *: Resources and services for passengers
     (e.g. network information, traffic updates, passenger services, etc.),
Resources and services for local authorities
     (e.g. data management, statistical studies, etc.),
Resources and services for operations
     (e.g. Passenger Information Systems, ticketing, security, fleet management, etc.)

Concept (PowerPoint: three slides maximum)*:

Presentation of your innovation.

  • Side 1: name and short description of the innovation
  • Side 2: innovation target and positioning
  • Side 3: Innovative nature of the project

Illustrations (PowerPoint: one slide maximum)

Any additional illustrations presenting the company and/or the candidate’s project (model, pictures, technical drawings, video, etc.).

Business model & roadmap (PowerPoint: three slides maximum)*

  • Side 1: issue being targeted, benefits of the suggested solution
  • Side 2: description of your market (national, international), competition
  • Side 3: business model and road map (performance, success factors, challenges, key stages, turnover, funding, needs)
               and partnerships in existence or being set up to develop and/or industrialise the project

Please respect the number of slides requested at the risk of having your application rejected.

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